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Future Accommodation Model (FAM) and What's in it for you?

FAM has been a distant buzz in the wind for a few years now. Trialled in a few locations for nearly 3 years already, it does however seem to many to be a bit of a urban myth. With bases in Clyde, Aldershot and Wittering already benefitting from the new model one of the main questions I have been asked is “When will I see it?”, but also “What’s in it for me?” (WIFM).

It’s worth mentioning that this is a pilot still and although we have been told by the rumour mill that it is all a go, I have yet to see the official nod.

When will I see it?

In short… we don’t know. That is to say that as it stands there is currently no “go live” date published on the GOV.UK website and therefore not much more than conjecture around any concrete effective date for the rest of the UK. I won’t say much more on this because I have seen “confirmed” dates in emails and in conversations around the bizarres, but alas nothing from the horses mouth.


Well, this depends on you personal circumstances, and yours are likely very different to the next person.

Here on the Gov.Uk main information site you can wade through the myriad of publications and deliberately woolly explanations of the model. Deliberately because in fact everything is still seemingly subject to change. With key factors such as term of service still to push being reduced from 12 to 6 months left on your contract being changed as late as last year, 2 years after the models’ inception.

With details sparse we are looking now for a couple of case studies (volunteers) to help us understand. As always from the service we want to speak to the ‘horses mouth’.

We can understand from information so far that most of us are going to be entitled to some sort of remuneration. Currently those that are already renting or have purchased a property since the schemes inception have been entitled to a £125.00 pm pay out to aid their wallets which is wonderful to say the least.

Further details will be published, and links attached.

Probably the best I have seen so far is presented by the Naval Families Federation (NFF). Don’t be scared ARMY or RAF ranks. The Navy don’t bite. They simply seem to have gone and explained it all a little better.

Let me know what you think?

Join the forums and keep up dated.

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